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hi, I've got a problem with my great condition, low milage (11,000) SLR 650 and hope that someone might be able to help. I bought it in August and everything has been working faultlessly until I went to start it last week and it sounded like the battery was going flat which was strange because I'd been riding it regularly up to the day before.

I recharged the battery overnight but the result was the same, it struggled to turn the engine over. Thinking the battery was at fault, I tried using the much more powerful one from my BMW R80 project. The engine turned over faster but not as fast as before the problem occurred and the bike was running perfectly. Even so the engine wouldn't fire at all even after using Easystart. The spark plug was producing nice fat sparks and it was wet so fuel was getting through.

There's mention online of problems with the auto decompressor which I'm guessing kind of fits with the symptoms; the engine struggling to turn over because it's at full compression?

I've taken the rocker cover off but can't find any obvious problem. The auto decompressor plunger pin isn't stuck and the mechanism on the cam pushes it down when I rotate it. (It only rotates one way which I think is correct).

I've never worked on this type of engine before so really don't know what I should be looking for and would welcome any advise before I proceed to the next stage and start taking the camshaft out.
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