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Dear Mr Wilkinson
Please find confirmation letter with regard to the cancellation of

Dear Customer,
Please accept my deepest personal apologies for having to cancel your
motorcycle booking with SpeedFerries. Unfortunately, we will have to
stop carrying all kinds of motorcycles from 1 May 2007. I am really
sorry to have to take this step, which I sincerely hope will be a
temporary measure only. However, with the present concept of port
turnaround time and loading/discharge and even more importantly the lack
of safe lashing for the bikes onboard I have to take this decision. At
the moment carrying motorcycles is loss making for SpeedFerries due to
the above mentioned problems and due to a vast number of huge claims for
damages. I ask for your understanding as the present concept is
unacceptable for our motorcycle customers as well as for the company and
I promise to revisit the options again as soon as possible.
*Curt Stavis*
Chief Executive Officer
*Alternative options*
SpeedFerries has prepared the following alternatives for your cancelled
motorcycle booking. Please select one of the below options by replying
to this e-mail and stating which of the alternatives you would prefer.
*Upgrade your motorcycle booking to a standard car SuperTicket*
If you chose to travel on your booked departure by car, your
ticket will be upgraded to a SuperTicket at no extra cost and
transferred to a standard car booking valid for up to 5
passengers. A SuperTicket is amendable subject to a change of
booking fee, but the price will remain the same – even if you book
the most expensive peak departures.
*Travel on journey before 30 April and refund of journey after 30
*If you have booked a return journey with SpeedFerries and the
outbound journey takes place before 30 April, but the inbound
journey takes place after the 30 April you are able to receive a
refund for your inbound journey, but still travel as scheduled on
your outbound journey.
*Full refund of your motorcycle booking*
Receive a full refund of your motorcycle booking with SpeedFerries.

Wilkinson Steve wrote:
> Dear Sirs....
> I have recently been informed that SpeedFerries will no longer
> transport motorcycles and motorcycle combinations from May this year.
> As I was planning to take X-channel vacation trips this summer please
> can you confirm this information and if possibly submit your policies
> on this action.
> Regards
> Mr S Wilkinson
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