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So a while back one morning she failed to start, ignition dead.

I traced this to the starter relay, and it was fairly well melted as is well documented - a bit of a wiggle and she came to life.
So I ordered the new relay, which came - and now Ive fitted it I've run into issues and she wont start.

I get ignition lights on, everything else works except the starter.

I can by pass the relay and she turns over, and I can put direct power/earth to relay switching side (two rear) and it works and turns over.
I'll be buggered if I can get the switch to work now.

I've run a meter over the cable that runs to the switch and If I connect the multi to power, then run the earth side to the yellow cable and press the button I see nearly 12v.

Does anyone know how this is supposed to work and how the relay gets power to trigger?

Clutch switch seems to do nothing so I'm at a loss at the moment.

Any help appreciated!
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