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You may have read my thread entitled 'puzzling battery'

Well - we now know that the battery is charged and holding the charge and also charging fine on the bike.

But the bike is still randomly not starting. Sometimes it starts fine but on other times it doesn't start, resets the display, and makes the clicking sound that you hear when the battery is dead.

So what can be the problem????

I also need some advice on how to clean the connectors as I am going to unclip them and clean them.

So my questions for you experts are.

Any idea what the problem could be?

What do i clean the connections with? Is it called electrical grease/cream?

Do the connections from the starter switch go round the back of the bike, round the front, or somewhere else?

I have looked at the wiring diagram but don't have a clue how to read it.

Thanks for your help. I could just get it in the garage and ask them to do it but, although I am a complete novice, I am wanting and trying to learn as I go so thanks for your patience.

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