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1996, 13,000 miles



from the Ad:

Following is a list of the changes Honda made to the 1996 Transalp XL600V-T:

-new graphics
-front forks modified with a spacer being removed and longer springs being fitted
-new gear ratios
-new 34mm carbs
-new single CDI. Now a microprocessor-driven design
-new impulse ignition coils (single coil per cylinder)
-new ignition advance etc.
-throttle position sensor
-new air intake system with modifications to the air duct which now incorporates a resonator chamber and sub air filters
-silver rims

My Accessories/Parts added:

-Gamma Tronix charge monitor
-Giant Loop Diablo tank bag
-Daytona Heated Grips
-5 Star Luggage Rack
-GIVI Trekker Cases 33L
-GIVI Trekker 33L removable inner bags
-USB fused charge cable
-SAE 12 volt fused flat connector for accessories such as heated jacket
-Ram mount for GPS
-Mitas E-07 Enduro tires
-New side stand
-Stainless Steel Rear brake hose

Following Spares that come with the bike:

-Tall smoked MRA touring screen. Nice!
-Spare new clutch cable
-Spare new speedo cable
-Spare new Air Filter in box
-Spare new Clutch Kit (HD EBC) and HD clutch spring kit
-Spare new carb rubbers
-Spare Shindengen Voltage Regulator Rectifier p/n SH538D-13. These are reliable on the Transalp unlike the Africa Twin.
-Lowering Link Kit for the vertically challenged made in Europe from quality steel. It will lower the bike a further 22mm.
-Spare OEM Honda custom dished seat for the vertically challenged.
-Owners Manual in top shape

Scheduled Maintenance carried out:

-New AGM battery May 2017. Trickle charged once per month.
-New OEM spark plugs replaced when valve adjustment carried out. Found in specification.
-Drained and replenished brake fluid
-Drained and replenished coolant
-Drained and replenished front shocks with 5W
-Engine Oil and OEM filter. Golden Spectro 20W-50 Semi- Synthetic
-Oil only drained and replenished last year. Golden Spectro 20W-50 Semi- Synthetic

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A couple of crash damaged 650s. This is where mine would have ended up after my recent incident

The red one doesn't look damaged at all? (and sold for £1,500!)

The silver one has been down hard as the engine bars are a bit bent (sold for £1,100)

people seem to pay high prices for these damaged bikes??



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Ebay germany

Das ist ein Projekt

1989, 17,000 miles

800 euros

The problems:
It takes gas badly. (It works with a warm engine.)
It has a slight fall damage from a previous owner. Various cladding parts are posted accordingly. And the steering is a bit crooked.
And the battery is almost certainly empty.
I just don't find the certificate (registration certificate part I). (Letter and old letter are available)

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