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Ladies/Gents/Fellow TLD 2010 Riders,​

I am pleased to finally announce that the grand total raised for the Run for the Sun 2010 Team XRV Charity Ride in support of Help for Heroe's is​


and a fruit machine token ? :grin:

Another great achievement from the riders, supporters and donors. Arranging a presentation however has proved to be more difficult, I wont go into details on here, but if anyone wants an update on this please feel free to PM me and I will explain.​

This now puts closure on this event so may I on behalf of everyone who took part say a big thank you to last years committee for all their hard and un-paid work. It is very difficult to keep everybody happy when putting one of these things together, and getting the balance right as to what folks want and need is a task in itself. So well done everyone who took part, I for one had a cracking time even though I didn't see the sun set on the west coast of Ireland :( and arrived at the bunk house in the early hours with Gareth (Molezy) and his Chinese 125cc in tow. I blame him :grin: !​

2011 - Tower to Tower - More riders needed if we are to emulate last years total, so please if you have a long weekend free in June, consider signing up, if you have done one of these before and have been put off for what ever reason to not doing another then watch this (its not finished, and there is an updated version, but you'll get the drift.)​

GOG signing off.​
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