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I brought a book from a charity shop -The Southwest Highway Atlas for 1675 by Paul White.
He had gone through the routes in the south west of England shown in JOHN OGILBY'S BRITANNIA, 1675 and attempted to relate them to current roads/tracks/paths.
Googleing -ogilby britannia atlas- brings up a load of links including this
that has all but one of the 100 mail routes in the Britannia. The strip maps were notionally 1" to the mile and downloadable (~500mb each).
Some of the other links have a few maps of higher resolution and a description of the Britannia
Hampshire routes analysis here Ogilby's Road Maps in Hampshire, 1675

Plenty of opportunity to waste lots of time if you are into maps, too wet/cold today to go into the garage!.
Adventure routes attempting to follow the old roads?

a typical map


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Wow, that looks great
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