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Hello fellow forumers, I'm off to see one on Friday, no idea what the condition is, belongs to a pal of my son, inherited from his uncle.
The lad has no time to use it due to young family so is thinking about selling it.
As far as I know it hasn't been used for 2-3 years.

My first task is to see if I can get on it:blob: I have a Yamaha TTR 250 and it has been lowered and I
manage that ok although the seat height is higher than my FJR.

I'LL be picking brains big style to help me decide.

The plan is to go down to one bike and my thinking is an AT might combine some of the qualities of both the current bikes.

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Welcome to the forum

The bike should suit your needs to replace the both but will be harder offroad than the TTR but still capable and it won't be as fast as the FJ but will munch the miles just as well

As far as height / size etc there are several ways to lower the bike such as simple resculpturing of the seat, pulling the front forks up through the yokes and resizing the rear shock or fitting a lowering link such as you might have done on the TTR
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