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Hi, I'm hoping someone here has experienced this before and can offer some insight...

At just over 3000rpm, up until about 3700rpm, I can hear a slight rattle coming from the engine. It gets slightly more noticeable when dropping the revs (I notice it more pulling up the junctions etc). It's a 'tinny' rattle, like two light pieces of metal tapping on each other, it sounds a lot like a teaspoon rattling against a mug just after you've finished making your brew.:p

It's really not very loud at all, and I'm pretty sure I only notice these things myself because I know the sound of my bike so well and know when something doesn't sound right. Someone else may not even be able to notice the rattle at all, but I can.

Is anyone able to identify the sound from my description? If not I may be able to find a way of getting a video up somehow.

Also, my clutch is rattling like it's trying to get attention, only when the clutch is engaged. I know clutch rattle can be expected, but it is worth investigating or should I not worry?

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Or the heat guard on your exhaust downpipe.

This website is filled with the following things with regard to ATs

Strange unidentifiable rattles

Noise from the clutch

Corroding wheels/brake calipers

Temperature gauges not moving much or even at all in the winter.

I really think the AT is starting to develop a proper character. If we could get them to leak more oil we could become a proper classic bike forum.(Oh forgot about that one, oil mist from the cam cover gasket)
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