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Firstly I would like to thank all those who participated in any way to the organization of this years event, I think that all the riders had a good weekend and from chatting to some of the non-XRV riders our total count in fund raising could be quite a bit more than I was expecting. We set a target of 25k, I don’t think that we will hit that, at the time of the off I was thinking if we made 5k then that would be a good amount in these times of redundancies, price of fuel/food and the general economy, however I think we might be pleasantly surprised when all the money comes in, if what I was told comes about.

Sharrie, thanks for the comms, it was nice to hear a friendly voice at the end of the phone, during my two hour wait for the riders to arrive at the Eiffel Tower, which most of them did, but at three different locations around the Tower, until we all moved to one end.

This year Team XRV was made up of a lot of riders who don’t frequent the forum, (almost 80% of the riders), this is sad in one respect that we couldn’t get the support from the members, (I fully understand some of reasons behind this) and this is not a criticism, it could have been me or Barry ?, but on the other hand it just goes to show how word of month gets around, and what a great medium the internet is. Speaking to the Guys at the riders ‘Meat & Greet’, one chap saw last years stickers on a bike in London, Google’d The Longest Day, told his mate and they registered. Two Scottish chaps found it on The British Legion Bikers site, four riders from Norfolk re joined from last years Run for the Sun; we had two Aussie’s register, who at the last minute had to pull out because they couldn’t get their bikes shipped across in time. We had a rider register on the Friday before the off and one hopeful who tried to register last Thursday. So the word is out on the street and many of the riders who attended this year were asking what’s on the agenda for next year.

So onto next year, Barry and I have already said that if the forum thinks we did a good job this year, we are more than happy to continue in post and arrange next years event. He is the computer nerd, and whilst this web site was functional, his plans for next years one, if it comes off will be the template for future years. We have a data base in place for the riders who attended this year (it is secure!) so it wont be hard to migrate the details across and then we can gradually add riders details to the ones we already have, and in turn they will be able to log on to their accounts and update personal details if they move home/change email etc. The web site along with Facebook, the forum, email and text are essential in keeping non- XRV’ers updated.

The Route for next year. – we can take suggestions from the forum and do a poll as before, I had thought that some of the Non-XRV’ers had ideas on possible rides, but I believe that this is, and always will be an XRV organized event and it should be up to the forum to decide. But if we are going to maximize the amount of riders involved then this decision needs to be made in the next couple of months to obtain the best exposure.

Accommodation – This year the Riders ‘Meat & Greet’ was attended by a lot of the non- XRV riders, all of whom had various questions they needed answers to, but only a few XRV members. I am not sure why this was the case -well I do in the case of some. I personally feel that this is a very important aspect of the event to update riders of anything that has come up, and it’s a time to see old faces again, I was quite disappointed that I didn’t see Winxp and Pale Rider all weekend. So for next year (and this was suggested by Raymo), if I am to organize, all riders will stay at the same hotel at the start and finish points, if we block book early enough this shouldn’t be a problem and will mean we are best placed to secure a good discount.

There is more but will wait t receive feedback on the above before continuing.
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