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Time is running out so I have reattached the updated update of the updated route to the important info thread

It is still not confirmed whether the start will be Carlton Hill or the NCP carpark on Castle Terrace, as the Hill is the better option I have made it the start and hope the Edinburgh Council give us approval in writing if not all will informed by Text on their mobiles of the inconvenience and confirm the NCP as secondary start

I have taken into account the scenic route from Ed to Troon and added the proposed stop-offs for proof photos in Belfast, Dublin & Cardiff

Fuel stops have been added with Tel numbers of stations

Meet and Greet stop-offs have been added with addresses for Carole Nash Dublin and MAW Dublin

Please do not treat this as the Bible it is just an aide and anyone who wishes to deviate can do so

A copy has been sent to Robster for the website update
If there are changes to be made please PM me or email nickoneill at
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