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Out & about early on Thursday for a bimble on the hottest day of the year so far. First stop at Doc's for a repeat prescription, second stop Tollesbury for a snack - little independent butcher with a mad glint in eye and blood splatters on his apron that was selling sausage roll by the length, also tempted into getting a large steak & kidney pie for dinner. :thumbup:

Onwards to sunny Maldon Hythe river front - lots of old folk out in the sunshine roaming about in gangs looking for trouble. Found the twin headlights of the Tiger were noticed by a couple of drivers who were going to pull out but stopped at the last minute. :cool2

Bit early for lunch so headed towards Burnham upon Crouch all was going well until the worlds biggest & slowest artic ruined the Burnham Bends :problem: Stopped at cafe where all the other middle aged men with big black bikes and time on their hands were hanging about. Weapon of choice today were Blackbirds, KTMs and a MT-O9 glinting with matching annodised bits - nibbled my sausage roll in a non suggestive way :shifty: and bought a rum & raisin icecream (two big healthy blobs in a cone) and wandered over to the roughty toughty gang of desperados wondering if my Triumph (with no anodised tat) was cool enough...

Saw this and thought maybe a blackbird sidestand could sort it out. On the way back the way I came there was a big dead roadkill Badger and gave thanks to Lloydie clearing me a safe path home. Filled the tank up (£23) and wobbled the weighty beast back home for 1.30pm and out my leathers ASAP and into a hot sweet cuppa.

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