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Its that time of year again when my thoughts turn to servicing my bikes for spring.:cool::cool::cool:
I need to get my hands on a decent torque wrench because my head needs seeing to.:D:D:D
I have only done a couple of hundred miles on my Dommie since I fitted a Wiseco piston and replaced my valve stem seals a while ago..
My cylinder head needs torqueing down so I can adjust the valve clearances and I was wondering which type of torque wrench would be best to get...
I dont want to buy a really expensive one as I will only use it the once and end up giving it to Jnr for his tool box.
How tight do the head bolts have to be torqued down to and wasnt there something I should keep my eye on when setting valve clearances regarding the automatic valve de-compressor on the camshaft..:thumbup:
Its been a while since I started my Dommie and a service is long overdue.
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