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Tour buddy(ies) wanted - NOW SORTED THANKS

I have received enough replies so I don't need anyone else now thanks. Thought I'd add this rather than delete the post

I have a trip this year in May from Wednesday 11th through the 18th. Due to my friends having other commitments I am on my own which is fine by me but I thought I might see if one or two others may want to dip their toes into western Europe with somebody else (me!) having sorted the route and stopovers.

So the route:
Weds 11th: Rotterdam to Waterloo to the Mohne Dam 321 miles - taking in the battlefield and then the Dambuster Raid target which is breathtaking. Staying at a campsite overlooking the Mohnesee
Thurs 12th: Mohne to Belsen to Magedeburg 269 miles - visiting Bergen-Belsen (concentration camp museum and memorial) and staying at a campsite overlooking a lake
Fri 13th: Magdeburg to Grodziec 310 miles - leaving Germany to attend the Izi meeting at Grodziec Castle in Poland (Izi meeting)
Sat 14th: at the Izi meeting staying at the castle
Sun 15th: leave Izi and go to Auschwitz 198 miles - staying nearby
Mon 16th: Auschwitz to Czechoslovakia 255 miles - visit Kutna Hora and the Church of Bones (Sedlec Ossuary). Staying at a nearby campsite
Tues 17th: back into Germany 356 miles - via Prague and Berlin (maybe not the city centres!) back to the campsite at Magdeburg
Weds 18th: back to the Rotterdam ferry 365 miles

I have booked a ferry from Harwich which is why I have shown the route from and back to Rotterdam. Going to Izi needs a ticket buying for about 50 euros (go on sale at the end of the month). The campsites are about 10 euros a night.

If you're interested drop me a PM. I don't want to be responsible for a group so am really looking for one or two companions. If it's your first time then I can help you prepare (what we need for each country) and you'll get to see some fantastic scenery. I know the sites are military based but that's my bag and I'm ticking a few off my bucket list!! If you don't want to visit Belsen and Auschwitz I will totally understand and you can kick back at the campsite and have a few beers.

Ride safe everyone

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