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Anyone got a TA 650 for sale in my neck of the woods (Pendle). Up to £3k to play with. Why have all the ones I've seen been rats?

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650 alps have actually gone up in value the last 12 months,partly the credit crunch side effect (weird) and partly because of the increase in new prices at the dealers and the fact the 700 has replaced the 650. Like cars, I've been told by a dealer that he has seen at least a 20% increase in prices over the last 6 months on bikes,especially the adventure market.
You'll have to look at a wider range geographically and on here and catch it quick when it comes up.

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Mine is now up for sale.

2000 (W)
48000 Miles
Heated Grips
Givi Top Box (20 odd ltr)
Givi Rack with panniers (20 odd ltr each)
Just replaced the clutch and chain and sprockets and full service.
Spare throttle cables and clutch cable and almost new TKC80's front and back.


Touratech Brake pendal extender
Touratech Gear Selector (bendy)
Grave Crash bars (with Aux Lights)
Grave Sump Guard (a bit battered but doing the job)

Just bought a 950 ADV so unfortunately after 5 years it has to go :cry::cry:
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