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ok I am not 100% sure if I want to do this. Right now the decision is 85% for sale....

Talking here about Hank. Been doing lots of changes but last weekend I noticed for even more offroading he is just too small. Cant stand up straight. Why am I posting here, if the bike is in Germany? I will be in the UK from mid october to mid november and to be honest I dont care if I drive or fly back home. Will use him definetely till the end of season before I go for a bigger bike. Dont know what its going to be.

Anyhow if someone is interested I could just bring all the paperwork with me and hand it over (but please give me a lift to the airport... :D )

Thats what we are looking at:

- 2002 Alp
- RD11
- steel braided front brakes hoses
- Renthal bar
- acerbis hand protectors with aluminum
- bar risers 1 inch
- Touratech foot pegs
- Touratech crash bars
- front fender raised about 2 inches
- dominator mirrors
- Wilbers rear and front
- Wilbers rear risers + rear wilbers prolonged
- clear glas indicators
- LED rear light
- LED rear indicators (taped though)
- seat professionally redone (yes it does say Hank on the side...)
- small wind shield, touring screen, normal screen
- saddle bag holders
- Will be around 40-45000mls in november. I owned it for 30000mls of that.
- tires will be completely down probably (not surprising due to a 5000mls ride at the end)
- stealth black... ok in the moment the gas tank is red and depending how you would want it. My mechanic definetely wants to paint it black as well...
- gas tank is from a RD 10
- all panes have all the "nipples", some have been exchanged though
- bike used 98% onroad, 2% offroad
- oil change every 4000mls
- all maintenance done by a proper mechanic, not myself (I only mishandle the 600)
- passed all TÜV (mot) without problems
- all changes approved by TÜV
- including bunch of different tire options, but as far as I know you can use pretty much whatever you want anyhow.... I think ?

If you look for a clean bike just like off the assembly line... nope not this one. It has been used. If you look for a transalp with much better offroad abilities and for you to use without further modification: take it. If I'd go to the desert with it, the only thing I would change is the bash plate to aluminum. All other modifications are already done. As I already said I would keep him, if I could get him to fit my size... but he just doesnt. The setup is awesome and exactly what I wanted.

Anyhow I will stop now... if anybody is interested, drop me a line.

A little later I will post some info about the use... :D

attached two pretty recent pictures... old seat, new seat...


Elefant rider
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Now I've got a couple spare minutes.. as to what the bikes been through.

Went horizontally over tarmac twice at about 15mph. Once with crash bars, once without. Thats why all the frontpanels were exchanged to black. The original color of that bike is silver.. as you can clearly see :D .
All the new panels were/ are in good condition. And of course the bike is newly painted.
All parts which have been exchanged have been swapped for "as new" parts.

The one time I dropped it at the Falzarego pass in the Alps, the handprotectors did what they are there for. But now they have some scratches. Will take some pictures of the scratches within the week. Have an additional set of clutch and brake levers.

Hank did get to see some mud as well... so you might find some sand in places I havent checked yet...:rolleyes:


AND YEAH... it is up for sale now....since I already bought the replacement.
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