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How are ye all?

I have a '92 Transalp, Delphine, who isn't feeling very well.

Short version: Bike dies when I stop, starts and drives fine but engine shuts down when I stop.

Long version:
I recently took carbs off and fully cleaned and replaced the diaphragms. Ran like a new bike for about a week. Couple of days ago tachometer would die then come back to life then die etc. Now it has started dying when I stop. Bike drives fine, but it feels as though its the engines momentum that pushes it along if that makes sense. When you roll off throttle it just wants to decrease revs until it stops. As soon as I stop engine will also stop.

First guess is CDI units which I replaced as a pair about 6/ 7 years ago. Had a listen to the cdi tonight and there is a fast clicky noise coming from the 2 units which increases and decreases in line with rpm.

I switched the units around and same problem. tacho still comes and goes and engine dies as soon as you let throttle go.

it'll idle with a bit of choke.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.
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