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Hi. My current back tire on my transalp 600v 1998 (Back: 120/90-17 m/c 64s) is more then dead, but i have some new tires sitting on my Africa twin 650 1988, (my father told me they are 140/80 R17, no idea how the naming system works.) I guess if they fit, it would be a slimmer tire, but would it work?
The transalp rims are 17x2.50 7 97 dot, the africa twin rims are 17x75 4 88 dot.
Sorry if any of these numbers look weird, i copied whats written on my transalp wheels and took what my father told me about the africa twin tires.
hope someone can help me, would love not having to buy tires

PS: maybe swap the entire wheel? braking disk looks to be the same, but please tell me if this is possible
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