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I stopped using my Transalp daily in my old job when they moved my office from Harrow to central London. With a new job and a shorter commute I'm still not using it. It's daft to just have it sitting there not being used, but sadly the new job mans I have no time to fettle it. I've just checked and to my infinite shame the last MOT ran out August 2010 :eek:

Ideally, Id like £550 for it.

It's not MOT'd or taxed but unusually for an Alp it has a good pair of wheels and with some time and effort (and some powder coat, or paint, could be lovely again.

I'd rather sell it complete than breaking it, but I'll consider breaking it if there is not interest in it being sold as is.
Bike is near Thame in Oxfordshire (10 mins from J7 M40)

Details below


It's a purple/ silver 1991 XL600VN on a J plate.
Imported from France in 1996 and I bought it from a forum member. Said Forum member lived in Cornwall so it had suffered from the ravages of salt air.

71,858 KM recorded

I've never tackled the cosmetics, and since I bought it in Dec 2008, I've done about 30,000 miles on it!

It only let me down once when it conked out 5 miles from home with no fuel getting through. on taking the carb off and tip it up a blade fuse fell out! Somewhat remarkably it seems that the fuse had been dropped down the carb (by a previous keeper) and going over a big bump had dislodged it to block the fuel flow. An easy fix!

The Good points
Soon after I got it I realised the rims were rotten so I had the wheels rebuilt with new black Excel rims and spokes by Talon at a cost of £489.67 in May '09.
It's got a new TKC80 rear tyre and a fairly new TKC80 front tyre
It's got a DID 'O' ring chain and sprockets that are fairly unworn (I think)
It's just had new HEL Black covered braided brake lines and a new HEL rear brake reservoir. (Cheaper and neater reservoir than the stock one).
Renthal bars
Barkbuster hand guards (and screen trimmed to fit).
Oxford heated grips
Odyssey battery
Recent replacement (pattern) seat cover
Micron can (nice tone but not too intrusive)
12v socket - fitted but not yet wired in.
Neoprene fork gaiters

Bad points
Currently no MOT or Tax
Brakes not bled
Not run for a while (but not tried to start it) probably a year or so
On removing the front mudguard and front fort brace some of the bolts snapped - some are drilled out but on one the stud extractor broke off so that needs sorting.
Some of the bodywork fittings are past their best
Exhaust heat shield held on with a jubilee clip
Think it needs a new speedo drive cog - it eats then with monotonous regularity
Seal between Micron can and intermediate pipe is currently exhaust sealant after the 'exhaust sealing ring' (not sure what it's really called) failed
Swing arm and frame would benefit from a strip down and re-paint or powder coat.

Front mudguard and plastic bashguard not shown but are with the bike.


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Complete bike sold to another forumite.
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