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Now that I've moved over to an Africa Twin I have a few Pooratech protection bits for sale.

These were made by myself to go on my Transalp XL700V (ABS).

The parts are all made from stainless steel. They have been on my old bike for about 6 years but still look in good condition. They've not got the fixing bolts with them, you will need to use some of the original fixings and use some of your own. For extension spacers I used SS extension bolts of various sizes and they worked perfect.

For sale is (from first picture) Top: Throttle cable protector; Bottom Left: Rear ABS protector; Bottom Right: Front ABS protector.

£12 for the lot including postage.

View attachment IMG_3671.jpg View attachment IMG_3664.jpg View attachment IMG_3667.jpg View attachment IMG_3669.jpg
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