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Annonce de service public:

Looks like All riders of a motorcycle, scooter, trike or quad in France will have to wear motorcycle gloves from 20th November 2016 onwards.
And passengers will have to wear gloves as well.
So don't get caught out if you've any trips planned through France, or else you could face a fine of €68 !

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And gloves must be homologated. So no construction gloves.


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Google translation ;-)

Gloves (EN 13594)

The gloves are treated with standard EN 13594, "Protective gloves for motorcyclists", dating from November 2015.
The standard is divided into two levels.

At level 1, the gloves must resist abrasion 4 seconds.
They are also subject to tearing and cut tests and safety of the materials they contain is checked, and ergonomics.
They must descend at least 1.5 cm below the base of the thumb and the ability not to be ripped from the hand in case of slides is also verified.

At Level 2
, the abrasion resistance should be at least 8 seconds and the glove must come down to 5 cm from the base of the thumb.
Unlike Level 1, the shells are mandatory here. However, it will remain attentive because many gloves are likely to give track gloves tunes without reaching the level 2.

Level 1 :
length ≥ 15 mm cuff
abrasion ≥ 4 seconds
resistance holding system ≥ 25 N
tearing palm ≥ 25 N
back tear ≥ 18 N
seam strength ≥ 6 N / mm
Resistance shells (optional) ≤ 9 kN

Level 2
length ≥ 50 mm cuff
abrasion ≥ 8 seconds
resistance holding system ≥ 50 N
tearing palm ≥ 35 N
back tear ≥ 30 N
seam strength ≥ 10 N / mm
Resistance shells (mandatory) ≤ 5 kN

Read more at Les homologations européennes - L'é
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