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Planning a trip around Baltic in 2005. No firm agenda other than Adventure and meeting interesting people (I doff my cap to Mr Wooley's similar account on this site).
General plan is clockwise from Scandanavia as I've been told you'll meet the Devil if you go anti-clockwise (I'm game!).
I've made contact with the Lithuanian Enduro club to meet up for starters. (I bet you've never been guest of honour before).
As for me, I'm 35, Brit, level headed but like a party, speak Rusian & ride a bike - what else do you need to know?
The plan is flexible afer landing at Bergen. You know it's what your bike is for and:
If you've nothing better to do next year (I doubt it)
You want a tale for your future/current grandchildren then this is for you.
I've done Europe to death and love it but.......lets 'ave it!


Golam Rosewater
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Sounds interesting, think such a trip is a little ambitious for me at the moment. I'm just starting out in the 'adventure biking', but always interested in the planning and costs of trips like these.
Only done Europe once so far (more of a ride down to Spain to spend the week with the family on summer holiday).
To be honest :oops: the meet at the Forest of Dean will be the first time I've camped out since I was a kid. And that was only in the back garden. :oops:
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