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I have a selection of new bearings left over that are no longer of use to me: -

91071-KS6-004 x4 Swing Arm Needle Bearing
52141-MM9-000 x2 Swing Arm Bearing
52473-MS8-000 x2 Rear shock linkage Bearing
52144-KR8-005 x2 Swing Arm Dust Seals
91254-KS6-003 x1 Dust Seal
52109-MM9-300 x2 Swing Arm Pivot Bushes

Some of these may well fit the RD07 also but you'll have to check on the part number. Many of these are discontinued and as such near impossible to source.

List price for all would be £148 open to offers for all or some.

Africa Twin Bearings.jpg [SUB][SUP]
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