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No pictures coz I can't be arsed to put them up but I am thnking of selling several camping items......

Helsport reinfjell 4-6man Tipi. Google it and look on "song of the paddle" or "bushcraft uk". This is a quality ripstop nylon Tipi and comes complete with a floor that clips in as well as additional guying points to keep the snow skirt well and truly draft free. This is about 3m high and 4m in diameter. I was thinking about £225 all in. Good condition - the only issue is a tiny area rubbed on a pannier corner on a windy night and rubbed off a bit of proofing on an area the size of a stamp. It doesn't leak though and unless I pointed it out you would never spot it.

Terra nova solar minor 1. One man tent. Usual TN quality. It has a professional repair on the inner. Very waterproof, very light, very small, but no good if you get claustrophobic inside it. I was thinking of about £75 for this.

Vango TBS micro200. Fairly well used one of the tensioners has been field repaired with a plastic buckle. Again too claustrophobic for me. I was thinking about £40.

Duluth pack extra long/wide canvas and leather bedroll/bivi. An impulse purchase and used just 2-3 times. It's good with the tipi in winter. Hard to find in the UK and expensive to import From the states. This is a top quality handmade item. It's heavy. I was thinking of about £125.
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