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On 1st May is the bi-annual Founders Relay Rally where VMCC members ride their bikes (that are 25+years old) between some of the 73 checkpoints across GB. The checkpoints are open from 9am (ish) to 4 pm (ish), some people do a short trundle others over 200 miles on a mix of machinery. Often interesting machines to be seen at your local checkpoint.
Many local checkpoint details can be found Events do a search for 1st may any section.
Our local section (South Cotswold) will have the location of our checkpoint and a general map of some of the other local checkpoints

I will do the Severn Loop on my 1987 Transalp, on the 2014 run I used a Harley, others used a variety of machines in between late 1920's to Honda C50 and Gold Wings.
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