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Yesterday I was making a claim for my wife (her car) with the RAC which turned out to be Zurich. After going round the planet a few times, judging by the accents I succeeded in filing the claim.
I am a named driver on her policy and had my car insured with Zurich last year, but changed in December.
This morning I received a call alleging to be Zurich claims department saying that my car (not the wife's) was being claimed against for an incident that occurred last November at a location in Surrey that I have not been to for many years, I live in Gloucestershire.
I checked with Zurich claims dept, I had got the number whilst sorting wife's claim, nothing against my lapsed policy.
I suspect Zurich have leaks/big holes! in their database security to enable the scam to start so quickly and to get the indirect references sorted.
The scam call came with the similar non UK accent as the Zurich claim call centre (India?).
Is this the level of security we must expect from our insurers?
Although not a bike insurer (are they?) you may have cars/houses with them.
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