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OK you lot, I know it doesn't affect you all, and I've no idea if this is 100% genuine, but it came from a reliable source in the motorcycle industry, so I've no reason to question it, and would rather tell you than hear stories afterwards.

BE CAREFUL OK!! :thumbup:



Sent: 14 January 2008 20:46

Subject: Variable Speed Cameras M25 Jct 10 -15


See below, but basically it means the cameras on the M25 are now going

to be set to go off at 80mph.


Surrey Police Collision Investigation Unit,

To Operational Officers,

I have received information from RPU Traffic Management that the company

who look after the Variable Speed cameras between Jct 10 - 15 on the M25

on behalf of the Metropolitan police are ACTIVATING the cameras from

15/02/08. The current cameras are analogue and the speed for enforcement

is set at 93mph. However the system is changing to Digital and the

Commissioner as directed the company to set the cameras at ACPO

guidelines, this will be 80mph.

I suggest that any incident you attend and have to use the M25 you put a

marker in your PNB with the Icad number as this will no doubt create

more work for the Inspector and Sgts to investigate speed complaints and

the Icad number will assist us with regards to police purpose. If the

incident is not police purpose then YOU will be liable for the offence

of Speeding.

Full details of when the system goes live Digitally will be circulated

once Traffic Management have the details


John Clarke
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