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So a few people are starting to give me some ribbing about this
, but it's something I wanted to do as soon as my best man suggested it, and I feel this event will be a good way to see out my life so far as a bachelor. I'm just starting to get the word out about's a 100km walk to be undertaken in 24hrs that I (and some mates I've roped in) are doing in are doing for charity (and my stag do!)

The plan is to walk the canals of Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire, totalling 100kms (~63miles) in 24 hours. That means that if we walk at a constant 3mph (a normal to quick walking pace) we will have less than 8 minutes rest every hour!
Then the plan is to end it with a few beers and a well earned rest before more beers the following night to see me out as a bachelor in style
...and no doubt pain!!

The charity is the Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) which provides vital work and services to people with Neuromuscular disabilities in the North of England and North Wales
This centre has provided work for my two cousins
who have suffered with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) all their life
As a result, I am not unaccustomed to raising money for these causes - normally it has been for MD, but now the NMC could really do with the funds so I figured that would be charity of choice this it keeps it local, in the UK, and will have a greater visible impact.

So, if you fancy finding out more, donating to a good cause, or simply donating in pity of a sad foolish stag
go to

More info on MD -

More info on the NMC -
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