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............which turned out to be mostly in England actually :shock: Many thanks to dave for taking us on a great route.

My apologies to everyone for scooting off at Stow as we were about to leave the garage I realised what the time was and decided to head for home with DaveS in hot pursuit.

A stop in a layby, as you do......

Dave on the mighty Varadero leading the run.......

Mudplug on his tidy RD07........

Mabels Old Man on his GSA1200.......

Mr Mabel on another GS........

and yet another one (common as muck).....

Mabel comes by on Twinkletoes, thank god it's a Honda :lol:

and then to Stow-on-the-Wold and a bite to eat in the 'Toad-in-the-Wold' restaurant where everyone enjoyed their meal except Mabels old man who just couldn't get a filling !!

Serve's him right for having a PanzerMobil :D

bye bye Bob.

whys the rum always gone?
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nice pics bob 8) 8)
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