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Couldn't decide what i wanted for Xmas so opted for a new set of plastics and graphics for the trials bike, bikeslooking sweet and today i was christening it. Enter the first trial (championship trial in novice class) in a few months since we had the baby. The trial was over 30 stages (3 laps of ten)
melroys trial 002.jpg

Turned out to be a nightmare of a day, this was how it went on, i spent that much time with my feet on and off the floor you would think i was auditioning for michel flatleys lord of the dance

melroys trial 022.jpg

melroys trial 195.jpg

That was until it started to get progressively worse

melroys trial 280.jpg

For some reason i then started to land on my ass quite often, god knows what happened here one minute coming down a steep slippery slope, next i end up in a jumbo's flight path, wife thought it was hilarious and just happened to catch it on camera

melroys trial 312.jpg

melroys trial 313.jpg

melroys trial 314.jpg

The day didn't seem to get much better i only started to feel more hungry and tired as the day went on. It was about 1445 and they were closing at 1500hrs i still had 7 sections to do so i decided to stop have something to eat with wife and say b*****ks to the remaining sections i had to do. Never before in a comp of any bike sport can i remember not finishing through choice. At this point in time if i had a gallon of petrol on me i could quite hapily set fire to the bike and all my kit. So decided to go back to the truck and sign off

melroys trial 352.jpg

Heading back i pass other sections which other people are doing and see this. People making this look easy and like it's the most normal thing on earth

melroys trial 428.jpg

melroys trial 429.jpg

Bad day all around for me today :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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Good days and bad.

I remembering finishing 13th in a national one month only for the next event to be a disaster. It just happens

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Dont worry about it Jason there will be a next time
First trials i entered ended with a broken wrist because i refused to take a dab when my wrist was good i re entered the same trial just to prove i wasnt jinxed:mrgreen:

it's about an hour......
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Nevermind. Fantastic photos though. Never fancied Trials myself, dont think I have the balance. Amazing skill to get round any of those obstacles.
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