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Hello all,
First post so bit of an intro... Been riding my 2010 XL700VA TA for a few years (Love it) until last year when my front wheel went on a patch of crud and i ended up with a fairly slow impact with the back/underside of a Land Rover Discovery. I busted my ankle but luckily, mostly cosmetic issues to bike and needed new front brake lines, exhaust headers and a few fairing panels/cowls. Used this lockdown period to start getting the TA roadworthy again and have really been enjoying stripping bike back, giving it the deep clean it's needed for a couple of years and reassembling.

On that note, quick question. I have the stock Honda touring screen on the bike at present but i have removed all the touring bars (never used them really) and will be going to road tyres etc. I would like to fit a screen similar to the one below (or aftermarket) but cannot find anything of use? find it strange that this is the stock TA700 image screen when doing a Google?

Any help massively appreciated!

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