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Autumn greetings from Viking land.
I am thinking about having a go at wheel building and know absolutely nothing about what I am letting myself in for.
I will be needing something else to do now that my engine re-build is nearing completion.

My project has got a 16x5 inch rear wheel that I am not in love with and I want to change it to 18 inch like it should be and after almost a week searching online I couldnt find a complete one for sale.


I thought I could just get an 18 inch rim and spokes set but it wasnt that simple because my wheel has 5mm spokes and the 18 inch ones have 4mm ones so I had to find a replacement wheel hub which I came across yesterday.
I could probably get 5mm spokes but its never that simple.
The one I found had been cleaned up but was missing its internal gubbins which can easily be found using my Triumph parts book.

I plan to order the bearings and other stuff next week...
So basically, all I got to do is get the spokes and new rim, fit em on, tighten them up and bobs your uncle right, how hard can it be...:happy2::happy2::happy2:

I need to know how you measure the offset.
As the 16 inch wheel is wider than the 18 inch replacement, will the offset be the same on both wheels or will the 16 inch one have a larger offset?...
None of the youtube videos I have checked cover this question and I was wondering if any one here could clarify...
The bloke who I bought the hub off said he would lace the rim up for me but he needs to know the offset so if I cant suss it out, I can get help from our local brit bike parts dealer who said he would do it for £50 or have a go at doing it myself..
No point hurrying this project as i have loads to do to keep me busy over the coming cold dark winter months.;););)

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Front wheels are the easy ones.
For the rear I'd recommend knocking up a jig to set the offset as detailed in the post.
I'm sure there are some experts out there who will tell you what offset is required for your bike
given the bare hub starting point.
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