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Hi mates,

Ive been using lately the shell advance 10w40 ultra 4T.
Last trip to Pyrennes I did 3500kms and I had to topup with 1/2lts . Last day of the tour I had a non-stop 800kms with arround 35-40 degress and my stator melted the isolation..., could it be cause of the lack of that 1/2lts of oil?

Next october Ill go for a 2500kms trip and Im thinking in options since here I'll get temps arround 30-35º:

- Shell advance ultra 10w40 (2,5lts) with a mix of Shell 15w50 ( 1lts)
- Castrol power 1 racing 10w50
- Motul 7100 10w40 or 10w50

Whats your opinion about this?

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