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Thread for putting the case of the ride no one has thought of yet but is an absolute blinder!!. Bearing in mind any ride for TLD has to tick the following boxes:

Does it capture the public imagination - will it make people go ''bloddy hell''?

Will it attract a decent number of riders? Not just Xrvers.

Is it doable in 24 hours?

Is it both actually, and perceived by the public, to be challenging?

Is it easily understood what we're doing by the people who are likely to be our sponsors?

Is it likely to attrach both riders and sponsors?

Im sure there's more but if the ride ticks all those boxes then it's likely to be a success.

Let's hear your proposals and arguements for and against.

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I don't know if this has been suggested and/or disregarded before but here goes,
the ten English national parks
1) the broads
2) South downs ( should be open by April 2011 )
3) New forrest
4) Dartmoor
5) Exmoor
6) Peak district
7) North york moors
8) Yorkshire Dales
9) Lake district
10) Northumbria

Google maps says 836 miles 17:21 hrs and with so many non motorway miles most riders will probably keep to the times including brief stops.

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This dovetails with the other thread, and another format that would tie in nicely with Stuarts take on it is a summertime 'rally' over say five months with a theme. Say windmills, you have a set number to visit and photograph yourself and bike at the location with a proof date such as news paper. Send all your pics to the organiser to receive a certificate etc. What's the point? well it sorts out that 'where shall we go today' syndrome, sets a challenge, you will meet up with others, and it's leisurely. Any theme does, cathedrals, national parks (as suggested) Cafe's the list is endless.
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