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Thread for putting the case of the themed Uk Bridges Ride. Bearing in mind any ride for TLD has to tick the following boxes:

Does it capture the public imagination - will it make people go ''bloddy hell''?

Will it attract a decent number of riders? Not just Xrvers.

Is it doable in 24 hours?

Is it both actually, and perceived by the public, to be challenging?

Is it easily understood what we're doing by the people who are likely to be our sponsors?

Is it likely to attrach both riders and sponsors?

Im sure there's more but if the ride ticks all those boxes then it's likely to be a success.

Let's hear your arguements for and against.

A Scotsman....
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The Bridges about 760ish miles 14hrs (Moving)

Mainly Motorway, but the route can be change to include me A/B roads

The A68/A697 from Edinbugh to Newcastle is a great road

A. the Forth Bridge
B. the Tyne Bridge
C. Humber Suspension Bridge
D. Runcorn's Silver Jubilee Bridge
E. the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge
F. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Google Map Link

A90 to Clifton Suspension Bridge - Google Maps
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