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I've been trying to sort out a Multibike policy for my Vara and little NX400 after Carole Nash wouldn't play ball and provide FC on both bikes (the NX4 is a Brazilian import) however after some research here and elsewhere, I found the eBike and Swintons both are happy with the NX4.

I had asked Swintons for a quote before I purchased the bike and after spending 25mins going through the procedure, the sale rep hit a snag. "Email me with the result,", says I. "Can't do that" says he, "I will call you later around 5pm" Still no call 24hrs later...!

One month later, I have just got a competitive quote from eBike, but thought, one more try with Swintons.

I eventually got through as the online quote sytem kept barfing, spoke to a dude who told me he didn't do bike quotes, "my colleague will call you back before 1.30pm", he says. 7pm, I am still waiting.... They really are pretty damned shite. I WANT to give them money, but if their customer service is this bad at the sales end, what will Claims or renewals be like....????

Rant over ;-)

eBike use a stupid premium number for calls, but I have got the work round and had a good chat with them today and I think I am sorted other than their system considering a secure locked steel container to be not as safe as a garage for storage.... The reps workround was that the "No garage parking" premium was just £1.25/annum more!!!!! Bonkers! :D
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