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Chums ...
And Fellow Earthlings ...
Unless I'm very much mistaken ... The Evil Hedge Fund managers are clamouring, buying up short-term Greek debt, to turn a profit on it when the Greek economy gets bailed-out by the rest of the EU.
Therefore, US, UK and EU tax payers will, in effect, be subsidising the profits of the greedy financialbastards that have engineered the whole teetering-economic-house-of-cards-slight-of-hand-panic-stations-business in the first place.
And we, ignorant-dumbfeckers-ordinary-tax-paying-peoples that we are, can't do a single-sod-all-thing-about it, other than marvel at how utterly-and-completely we are being screwed.
Good job that we ain't stuck, fuming about it all, confined within traffic-jam-jars, eh !
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