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I just thought I'd post the carb settings for my bike.

Its a 1982 UK XL500R. Its pretty much standard except for a full Micron exhaust system. This is going to be typical of this bike, as the standard system tends to have rotted out after nigh-on 30 yrs :(

OK, the bike has a standard air filter and also has the "snorkle" still fitted. I did refurb the carb with a full kit from NRP, which included new Needle & Needle jet, main & pilots, gaskets, fuel valve & O-rings, mixture screw, etc, for just £18. I also got the anti-stall kit for £12 :thumbup:

The bike still ran a bit lumpy, took a few miles to run OK without choke and had the tendency to stall/cutout on occasion, and it spat a bit on the overrun. The NRP kit came with a 55 pilot and 130 main. The Clymer manual say the XL500R should either have a 130 or 135, so my instinct suggested the bike was running a bit lean, especially as I had the mixture screw (fuel screw) out 2 3/4 turns! The fact that the micron is a freer flowing (slightly noisier) exhaust I'd expect the carb to need a bit of tweeking! It also sometimes started after 1 or 2 kicks, but also sometimes took a good half dozen or more!!! It just didn't run quite right & cutting out was not uncommon, even when fully warm. I had fitted a new coil & plug so that side was good.

I contacted Allens Performance and ordered a 57.5 & 60 pilot and a 135, 140 & 145 main jet. These bits came within 24 hrs and today I took the carb off. I fitted the 60 pilot and set the screw to 1 1/2 turns out and fitted the 135 main jet.


The bike is much better, it starts 1st or 2nd kick, need less choke for a shorter time, idles much smoother, doesn't spit on overrun and rides nicer :p
Well worth the few extra ££££'s and makes a nice bike into a real cracker :eek:ccasion5:
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