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Hi guys
Bought an 86 xl600r last year and have been stripping it down and rebuilding the frame work and engine wiring etc. However, the guy i bought it off had completely rebuilt the inside of the engine. The engine runs sweet as a nut (when i can get it going) which leads me on to my problems.
Ive read numerous different things about what could possibly be the problem but i would like some other peoples input into a solution.
The bike has problems starting although there is a posotive spark from the plug but when i get the bike running, low revs are fine but anything from about half throttle, the bike judders as if its being starved of fuel and there seems to be a lack in power as ive heard that these bikes have loads of grunt and acceleration.
Ive had the carbs out and cleaned as the needles did seem a bit ****ted up but the problem persisted. Could it be a case of timing misalignment as the guy who rebuilt the engine may have put it back together without making sure that timing was all setup? However ive heard that you cant adjust the timing on my bike as it goes through the CDI unit. Also what about the 2nd carb not getting enough fuel?
If anyone could give me any ideas into a solution then i would be greatful
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