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I have copied below the box label and installation instructions for a set of progressive springs from Hagon.
These are Hagon part No. 400-160-04. They are not listed on their website but if you call, they are in their catalogue for the XL650 and they recommend a fork oil of 5sae with an air gap of 140mm (i.e. the standard setup)

Please Note
Whilst I cannot confirm that the Wirth progressive springs are identical, they do recommend 10sae oil with an air gap of 180mm.
See here WIRTH-Federn Webshop - Honda XL 650 V TRANSALP 2000-\'07 Spring2043 (FNR13004)

This is the box end label:-

For those that are interested, the following are a generic set of instructions that come with the springs from Hagon. The only really useful fact is to specify the the springs are inserted with the tight coils at the TOP.

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