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This is my first post on the site after having visiting here numerous times before. So hello.

I'm having a problem with my Transalp 700 and im looking for information to point me in the right direction. I've searched the site but not found the info i'm after so far.

I belive my problem may be due to the Crank position sensor playing up (however no DTC codes are currently shown to confirm this).

Can anyone tell me what voltages are typical for the CKP sensor?
I know 0.7v is the minimum in the manual. The manual also states the minimum for the Cam position sensor is 0.7v but im getting over 3v from that. The voltage i'm getting for the CKP sensor is marginal so im wondering if this is normally much higher as well.

Can anyone tell me what the typical resistence is for the CKP sensor? (There is no info in the manual i have).

I would just order a new one but i've just been informed these are on back order here and could take 3 month to arrive. :(

I'd hate to wait arround that long for a part only to find out it wasn't the problem.

Thanks to anyone who has any info.

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