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Hi All, nice to meet you all. I've just joined the forum as I've got an itch to scratch - I used to race enduro until university fees got in the way, absolutely loved it. I learnt to ride in the middle east on an XR200 before progressing to a 250 2T and used a guy's rally prepped XR440 a few times - that was some bike! I'm keen to get back in to off-road and am taking a fancy to a Vinduro series in Northumberland which isn't too far away.

So - the minimum requirement is 25 yr old, then air cooled, then disk brakes, then twin shock. One of those must apply, so any pre-'97 XR would work. I like the thought of the older the better / tick more of the requirements but that's not the be all and end all. Having a laugh is more important!

This thread may have already been through (by all means point me in the direction!) but what are your thoughts as experienced XR owners as to which steed to go for - a 250 (hopped up a bit...) for lighter weight, or maybe an old stripped down 500 which may prove to be more entertaining?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!
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