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Hello there, I'm a newbie to the site and have an issue with my XR250 (86).
After an off on an event last year it lost compression when kicking it over. If I bumped it off it ran perfectly with no loss of power but no compression.
I checked the de-compressor and the valve clearances and all ok. I took the top off yesterday so all valves closed and still nothing so I pulled the head off and filled the combustion chamber but there's no leaks there either.
I red a thread about sticking rings so I checked the piston (which has slight scoring on the skirt but generally good condition), but the rings are worn.
I've attached some images of the numbers on the piston as I'm thinking new rings would sort it but I've no idea what make it is?
Has anyone any ideas??
Failing that has anyone got a standard barrel and piston??
Many thanks
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