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Hi after buying one of these for my other half i ran into problems finding parts as they where built for the Jap market. needed all sorts of things so thought i would keep hold of the part numbers for the bits i ordered and X ref with Ron Ayres site. All bits i bought are from David Silver Spares but fell lucky getting a starter motor for £15 off ebay as a new one was around £300! anyway as i order parts i will add to the list. May be of some help to someone when they need bits.

Starter Motor pn: 31200-KCZ-000 = £294.75
Clutch cable pn: 22870-KCZ-000 = £12.11
Rear brake pedel pn: 46500-KCZ-000 = £61.10
O ring for starter gear cover pn: 91362-461-000 = £3.52
Clutch Springs pn: 22401-HB5-000 = £3 each
Clutch Switch pn: 35330-MK5-003 = £17.00
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