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Hi there

As mentioned a few months ago in the XR segment of this forum, I am offering up first dibs on my XR400 to you guys. As I now have osteo arthritis in my right foot, kickstarting has lost its appeal somewhat, mostly as it sometimes hurts, anyway. It is a 1996, P reg. Mileage unknown (has no clocks). I have owned it for 4 years and used it for greenlaning. I've only ever commuted on it in order to have it MOT'd, which I did again today (29/05/19), so fresh MOT, a couple of advisories, but they were on there last year too.

Excel rims, Uno Filter, wavey discs front and rear, frame guards, renthal pad, brush guards, y'know, all that usual stuff.

It has had money spent on it during my ownership, including frame powdercoating, new plastics, recent DID gold x ring chain, afam ali rear sprocket with steel front. All just generally tidying it up as I went and replacing knackered parts when need be.







Alas, she may not be mint, but it's a bike that has been used for what it was intended for. £1000, no tyre kickers or time wasters. Based near Portsmouth. Oh yeah, I also put a K&N crankcase filter under the seat, as those in the know will tell you, the factory puts them in the most stupidest of places.


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