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G'day All,

It's nice to see that I'm not the only person in the world with a soft spot for an old XR600.

I thought I was cured, having given away enduro's in the late 80's and the old 600 although never used for serious enduro's had thought it too could see dignified retirement with it's looks still intact.

But it now looks like pressure from a mate to ride a few casual quasi events will see the old girl back out for a last fling.


The rear shock needs an overhaul as it has lost a bit of oil and nitrogen pressure. I have through this forum downloaded overhaul instructions but not for the 85 RF model. Although I have not done a shocker before I would still like to do it myself, then I know it's done right and local prices are pretty steep.

Can anyone steer me to a link for detailed overhaul instructions for 85/86 XR600RF?

Many Thanks
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