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Just a typical ride report from our web site in Australia, check it out its free to join

Welcome to Old Bull Trailriders

Well I have just had an amazing ride up here with **** and Moose
We did it all today, honestly everything, we rode wet slippery clay single and twin trails, we rode some of the sweetest trails I have every ridden.

We did a section like where the pony express was going to be run, we crossed the hwy and did some great tracks it was here I had a ride on ol purple Moose's old 600 and here rode my bike, mate its the softest seat and the plushest suspesion so much fun :laugh: We then rode into Port Mac, we fueled and took the ferry over and rode Plommer road, mate that has about 6kms of rolling whoops, there was a far bit of water around but I got up enough courage and speed and tried to double a couple much to ***** amusement as they are big distances apart. **** reckoned the roost was incredible of the big fiddy through this section. We stopped and took in the view between Point Plommer and Little Delicate Nobby

We then proceeded to Crescent Head Tavern and we had a counter lunch and not bad I have to say, beers and salt and pepper squid, bangers and mash and flat head and chips :) Moose and I both commented how much quicker **** was on the 650

We then rode up the beach to about 10kms north of Crescent Head and had a play in the sand dunes :laugh: (permit required for th beach access)

We left and rode around and ended up in Kempsey, on the way I cracked a wheel stand from about 70kms/hr that finished in top gear at what speed I am not sure, **** reckoned it was over a klm and it felt that way, we fueled the bikes in Kempsey and then rode a trail that varied from single trail, twin trail, rough rocky smooth fast slow, muddy, puddles, clay, dusty, wet again leaf covered windrows, ruts and slippery in sections like oil covered glass, 1st gear, and a laugh at **** getting the s*#t scared out of him by the XPT :blink:
We ended up near Telegraph Point and looped around into Kundabung and some great forest tracks that went everywhere, it was here that I managed to fill **** at least once while Moose was in the lead.
We stopped and saw X and returned to ***** some 209kms later 7 hrs riding, my bike is washed and tucked away in ***** shed.
Thanks guys so much

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