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XRV750 RD07A 2002 Y with 45K on the clock.

I've had the bike for 10 years and she has been super reliable and very low maintenance.

She has been to the border of China and back (22 countries), then used every day to commute around London all year round. As you would expect she has a fair few scratches, chips, there are 3 cracks in the fairings (I'll upload some more photos when it stops raining!). There is also a small (1 inch) paint work repair on the tank done by a previous owner.
She is NOT mint by any stretch but in superb running condition. Starts first time even in the dead of winter (puts my other bike to shame). ACF50'd a few times every year but the wheel rims and bash plate have still taken the worst of the winter salt etc. (See pic)

Just MOTed yesterday advisories: rear tyre worn, front discs are slightly worn, chain and sprockets are slightly worn. Stearing headbearing has slight free play.

Pannier / top box frames are not coming with the bike

  • Hyperpro progressive rear shock with preload adjustment and adjustable rebound and low/highcompression dampening and 10mm increased height. Paint pealed off spring (Original rear suspension available if the bike is too tall for you)
  • Hyperpro front progressive springs fitted.
  • DynoJet Stage 1
  • K&N air filter
  • Remus Revolution(Titanium)
  • NGK Iridium sparkplugs
  • Honda original heated grips with 6 settings and auto cut off on low power, direct wired
  • Powerbornze high windscreen
  • New leather seat cover
  • Goodyear front/rear brake steel braided
  • Front/Rear calipers recently reconditioned stainless steel pistons etc
  • Recently fitted WestCo battery
  • Recently fitted rectifier and direct wired for increased voltage (14.2v idle)
  • Facet 60104 fitted and no leaks
  • Philips Ultra White bulbs
  • Touratech rally footpegs
  • Touratech handguards
  • Additional aluminium heat guards
  • AFAM Chain and Sprockets
  • SW Motech centerstand
  • New honda rear disk brake just fitted

Selling seperately now:

  • Workshop manual and Haynes Manual
  • Oxford Monster chain
  • Metal Mule Top box(damaged)
  • Touratech panniers powder coated (damaged)
  • Winter muffs
  • Original Windscreen
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Original rear shock
  • Original exhaust
  • Original front brake lines
  • Original centerstand lift handle
  • 2 Brand new original clutch cables
  • 15 tooth frontsprocket for off road (AFAM)
  • Bagster tank bagwith leather tank cover. (damaged clasps)
  • Old original fuel pump (contacts can be replaced but currently broken)
  • Used replacement leavers(front and rear brake, gears and clutch)
  • Original air filtermesh
  • Loads of original small parts (washers, caliper parts, bar weights etc)
  • Set of front brakepads
  • SW Motech bar risers(wrong colour - black)
  • Spare front and rear inner tubes
  • K&N Airfilter cleaning kit
  • Side stand enlarger (Carry in pocket type - the yellow bike)

2014-08-31 16.35.15.jpg 2014-08-31 16.35.29.jpg 2014-08-31 16.37.59.jpg

Loads more photos here


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Ideally £2.5K for the bike, selling all the bits separately now (already sold chain /sprockets and fuel pump and filter)
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