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I wanted to get rid of the sticky spray lube for the chain and intended to build my own chain oiler.<br>
My main objectives were:

  • low tech, independent from motor vacuum or electricity/electronics.
  • full manual control of the amount of oil being applied, depending on road or weather conditions
  • low drip rate
After some research on the internet I favoured the idea of using a chain saw primer bulb on the handle bar which I could press whenever needed.
However all the concepts I could find squirt a full load of oil onto the chain in an instance(see or
I improved this design by adding a reservoir and a flow control valve.
So rather than spraying the oil directly onto the chain a reservoir tube is filled with a quantity of oil whenever I press the the primer, wherefrom the the oil drips slowly through a flow control valve onto the chain.

Here is how it works:

Here is a PDF with full description for anyone who would like to copy this idea: View attachment KettenOel.pdf
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