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Hello all,
I am still having trouble with my xr650r's flighty front end, she has showa USD's and yokes from a crf450.
After several emails and calls to suspension specialists I have come to understand that by changing the yokes I have also changed the bikes geometry and in my case have increased the rake angle or at the least shortened the wheelbase. :(
What I need now are a new set of yokes with the same measurements and angles as the original yokes, only with much wider holes machined to accept the wider USD forks.
I could buy a set an try to sell them again, but if one or even a few of you could take measurements for me i could give these along with my crf yokes to my engineer.
If a line were drawn from fork centre to fork centre, then all I really need is the distance from the midpoint of this line to the centre of the stem.
Everything else can be measures from the crf's (i think):confused:
If there are any more you think I might need, then great.
A photo with all the measurements would be perfect.:thumbright:

I have done an awful lot to the bike and once i get this problem sorted i will post lots of pictures an details of mods.
Many thanks, rossa.
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